Perennial Long Blooming Sage

In starting a new garden this year, one of the areas we dealt with was a triangular right of way piece on the outside of our fence, but inside the sidewalk. It’s about 15 by 15 by 30 (just an estimate – please don’t check pythagoras theorum). More on this area later, but basically we moved some large rocks, tore up landscaping fabric, grass, weeds, and had a tree service removed some overgrown evergreens.

With lots of pulling and weeding and digging and whippersnipping, we cleared the area out as well as we could and then filled in with loads and loads of free mulch from our local waste landfill. We added some stepping stones, and reused some of the existing daylillies. When creating a garden I love a variety of blooms – my preference is for pinks and blues, a variety of heights and textures and a variety of bloom times. I generally don’t like to plant single flowers, but with many large areas, I have been investing in what I love – and what’s on sale.

I decided to try a tall blue flowering perennial sage. I planted one small plant towards the back of the garden by the new fence, in may. Happily, this plant has grown to about 2.5 feet in height and has bloomed on long narrow stems from May through to July (so far so good).

This one small plant (Salvia nemerosa Caramia) has spread to about 4 feet in width, having enjoyed the rich mulch and regular rain we had this spring. I have only recently begun to water it, and I would say this variety is a success.

I have planted some other sage or salvia varieties around the yard now and will see how they perform.

Blue Salvia

They definitely satisfy my quest for easy care, blue, tall, narrow, long blooming flowers and look lovely when some of my other plants have struggled.

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