Reblooming Pinks

In my August garden, the reblooming pinks or dianthus are a nice surprise. Just when the garden is fading a little bit, my pinks and sweet williams – both members of the dianthus family (along with carnations)

Photo by Pixabay on

come back to life. In my garden they have a nice silver blue foliage and bright pink flowers, and the sweet williams have a pink/red and white flower. They are low growing mounds, and I don’t pay a great deal of attention to them. I do not find that they spread a great deal beyond their initial planting, and at some times, they have disappeared from my garden after a few years. When they initially bloom for me in late June and July, I wait for them to finish, and I simply take the scissors to the spent blooms and forget about them – until the rebloom occurs.

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