Right of Way Garden

We have a corner lot with a small triangle plot of about 30 feet by 15 by 15. It is a “right of way” property with gas lines underneath which is ours to maintain but must be outside of the fenceline with low growing non-view impeding plants. Previously if was filled with overgrown cedars, yews, walnut seedlings, trumpet vine, dog strangling vine, grass, periwinkle, daylillies and rocks. We pulled it all up and filled in with earth to the best of our abilities.


We have planted a variety of hostas, sedum and flowering perennials In order to be frugal, we have tried to invest in perennials on sale or those that can be divided to many small plants. Normally I would plant in multiples of 5 or 7 plants to create a sweeping border, but here if we found one suitable plant on sale, we snapped it up. So we planted one’s and twos of tickseed, Shasta daisy, salvia, foxglove and campanulla. Last year’s planting of rose of sharon, and purple coneflowers were not successful. I believe they were not planted deeply enough on the sloped garden, and that more soil was required to combat the erosion from rainfall, snow shovelling and winter road salt.

In Progress

With this year’s new mulch, and the regular rainfall and sun we’ve had this summer, I am hoping that these new plants will come back next year. The daylilies and peonies transplanted have survived, but have not bloomed this year., perhaps next year.

I’m looking forward to the plants filling out, spreading, crowding out the weeds and preserving some of the moisture and soil. I hope to add some fall colour and divide and plant more perennials in the spring.

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