Early September Tidying

This week in the “right of way” garden I am dividing just the sedum that spread from tiny pieces to everywhere.

In peeling back big pieces of it, I am finding the tiny pieces of Hosta that I had divided and planted in the spring have turned into small but healthy plants. Perhaps they will be bigger next year. When I buy Hosta I look for plants with the most stems, so that I can divide them into as many plants as possible. This makes for smaller plants for the first year or two, but is an investment for the long run.

I am also pulling away some of the plants that have overshadowed the small Hosta – my Foxglove, Perennial Long Blooming Sage, Shasta Daisy, Coreopsis, and even the Veronica.

I have also found several creeping phlox that had been completely buried. They are mostly healthy and green. These plants provide lovely star-like flowers in the spring on green foliage that resembles pine needles. I can’t remember what colour I planted but it will be nice to see if they survive the winter.

Further over, I am planting more little sprigs of sedum along the sidewalk, spreading mulch from our local waste management site and weeding here and there. Another small sedum is doing well, then golden lemon thyme has made it through the heat and is finally spreading a little. Sedum Angelica has a slightly brighter foliage. A few small Hosta have finally taken root, and tidy Pinks are reblooming again as always. I hope that the additional mulch will help these plants to stay rooted and survive the winter – piles of snow, salt from the road and sidewalk and erosion.

Now it’s time to head to the garden centre to find some plants for fall colour, – on sale hopefully, – and more mulch.

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