More September Blooms

This week, one new Russian Sage was planted on a slight slope. I have been inspired by all the Russian Sage that I have seen in my Drive By Garden Tours. After some pulling up of Trumpet Vine and assorted weeds, many Hosta are now visible, and finally starting to thrive. Also newly planted for a shot of colour – Autumn Joy Sedum.

Russian Sage, Hosta and Autumn Joy Sedum

The long towers of Hollyhock flowers were removed a few weeks ago allowing more demure blooms to take over at the lower levels. The Shasta Daisy flowers enjoy laying down.

Hollyhocks and Shasta Daisy

Coreopsis has been blooming all season, while Lavender is finally showing a little colour.

Coreopsis and Lavender

This second Lavender has still not bloomed, but the foliage and scent are lovely.

Lavender next to Veronica
Lavneder Closeup

It’s cool outside this morning and the leaves are falling. Enjoy your day.

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