Falling Leaves

Sometimes bad weather is a blessing. We had lots of rain the other day, followed by high winds. This caused almost all of our Norway Maples leaves to fall to the ground in one short period of time.

Norway Maple in fall

This is a nice contrast to last year, when everyday we would rake the leaves and another yard full would fall the next day.

Fallen leaves

So today we raked and raked and hopefully we are done.

A few brave flowers are still bravely breaking though the fallen leaves.

Shasta Daisy, Autumn Joy Sedum and Foxglove

I’m not sure if these are red rucbeckia or blanket flower – but they are trying hard to be colourful amongst the leaves – they are a little lost.

Autumn Joy Sedum
Variegated Bugleweed and Lemon Thyme are still doing well

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