Gardening Searches

I was having a bit of fun while trying to figure out what types of things that people that are interested in reading about gardening search for. I went to a keyword search site which told me that the top 2 garden searches were:

“Where is the Garden of Eden?” and “What time does the Olive Garden Close?” I thought those were pretty funny, but fair enough. After that the next question was a little more gardening related. “When to plant tomatoes?” and then “How to plant a fairy garden” – Hmmm – a real fairy garden?

The top rated keyword search was similarly humorous with Olive Garden, Madison Square Garden, Busch Gardens, Plant vs Zombies Garden Warfare, and kinder garden were in the top ten searchs, The zombies have me worried!

Over on Google Trends the top 3 searches worldwide, for Gardening were related to the video game Fire Emblin followed by a dialogue between 2 friends about gardening (which seems to be phrase used in learning the English Language), gardening Scotland 2019, gardening with angus, gardening express voucher code, gardening shop near me, something that requires a ticket, and biointensive gardening. Under related topics the most popular search was Costa Georgiadis.

Well I had some fun with the searching, but I can’t say I’ve come up with new ideas for posting. I did however come up with something that’s new to watch over my long winter, because Costa Georgiadis is the host of Gardening Australia, which of course I don’t get here in Canada – but you can watch it here – Also from my search – from Australia – Gardening with Angus is a detailed website with videos to watch

The Google Trends can be broken down by month and region, so I guess my searches are being affected by the fact that we aren’t searching as much about gardening in the North now that November is here, but Australia is ramping up! I am excited for Australia!

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