Vegan Scalloped Potatoes

Potatoes are an everyday Superfood

Yesterday, I speculated that potatoes – despite their lack of glamour, are a superfood.

Our Vegan Family is Ever Growing

We prepared this recipe at our last easter dinner, and were pleased with how it worked out. It may also be featured at our Christmas dinner. We have an increasing number vegan and vegetarian family members now, so we are trying to keep adding to our menu of vegan comfort foods. This recipe is similar to traditional scalloped potatoes, but with a vegan recipe.

Our Coconut Milk Vegan Scalloped Potatoes looked different than the original recipe

The Recipe at

We found this recipe on the but substituted coconut milk for almond milk, in order to accommodate our nut allergic family members.  The results were delicious, enjoyed by all, but very rich, and I would say the preparation time was not 15 minutes, the first time around – much longer but well worth it!  We found nutritional yeast and vegan parmesan cheese at our local Farmboy grocery store – specializing in slightly fancier fresh and organic foods, and while it’s always fun shopping there, it would be nice not have to buy hard to find specialty ingredients to throw together a family dinner.

Simplify the Recipe and Experiment

I think that the next time I try this I may leave out the nutritional yeast, and vegan parmesan. I will likely use a can of coconut cream (just the thicker product than coconut milk), prepare a roux with vegan Becel margarine, and flour, add some vegetable broth and the coconut, adding salt and pepper. I would then mix with the scalloped potatoes and melt some shredded Daiya vegan “cheese” over the top. This would be less complicated and involve fewer – harder to find ingredients, and I think my dinner guests would be just as satisfied.

The original recipe would be best to prepare for guests as it has a really smooth creamy sauce, but now that we’ve tried it, I believe we can whisk up an equally creamy version, adding a bit of cornstarch if necessary to smooth it up. The coconut adds it’s own sweet flavour, so I would also leave out the nutmeg! Perhaps we will experiment with oat milk the next time around.


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