Indoor Herb Gardening

I have a few herbs, that I keep in my kitchen, because I actually use them. I don’t see a need to keep the unusual ones around, unless I am trying a new recipe.

Flat leafed parsley brought inside from the garden

From my outdoor herb garden I brought my flat leaf parsley inside. At first it didn’t enjoy being in the house, but I have trimmed it down and watered it and trimmed it down again, and I think it is finally aclimatizing to it’s kitchen window spot. I did not bring in my curly leaf parsley as I found it’s flavour to be overpowering!

Chives, squash feverfew and parsley – rosemary is hiding somewhere

My thyme and chives will return to the garden on their own next year, so I didn’t rescue them from the frost.

variegated lemon thyme overwintering in the garden

The basil, I was a little late to bring them in – they were first to react to the frost this year. The rosemary was smothered and lost in my herb garden this year, so there was none to rescue.

I have just planted a fresh rosemary plant – it likes full sun and moist soil, and is so far happy in my kitchen. It was a fairly young sprig, and not too rootbound yet. I also bought some genovese basil which wants 6+ hours of full sun per day, and does not want to be overwatered. It also looks content indoors and smells wonderful. The oregano does not look at all happy and was quite root bound. I have planted it with the other herbs, but it has shrivelled up within one day. It also wants full sun and moist soil, but is giving me a bit of an attitude. It’s lovely scent might be worth the trouble though.

Re-potted oregano, genovese basil and rosemary indoors

I have planted them all in my vintage brown bowl collection, as I have always wondered what to do with these pieces. I love to see herbs planted in kitchen vintage pieces, like crocks, old tins and so on. Enjoy your winter day!

Indoor herb garden in vintage brown bowls

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