Starting Vegetable Seeds Indoors

In our area, we can start many seeds outdoors after the risk of frost has passed, but there are many garden vegetables, that we must either buy as young plants at the nursery, or start indoors from seed, weeks before we can plant outside.

Photo by Kaboompics .com on

Tomatoes, squash, melons and peppers for example all must be started indoors here or planted from nursery bought seedlings later. As it’s a nothing-to-do in the yard snow day today, I am thinking about this spring’s planting. The seeds are now available in the local stores, but it is too soon to start seeds indoors today.

There is a lovely calendar available from the Old Farmer’s Almanac which lets you plug in your location, and determine the appropriate dates for planting both indoors and out for different types of vegetables. Unfortunately it looks like it just works for Canada and the United States, but I recommend that if you are dreaming about planting, that you take a quick look!

Even though I want to start planting indoors today, I see that the earliest that I can plant seeds is March 3 for my bell peppers, and March 15th for the tomatoes, and April 15 for the squash. That’s quite disappointing as I am ready to start today!

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