Spring Countdown

There is a countdown to spring posted online, that tells me that there are 27 days and 12 hours until spring. Indoors, I am gathering my flowerpots and small recylced containers for indoor planting. It’s important to remember to clean, well any flower pots that may have been previously used for planting, to prevent mold and bacteria from harming the new seedlings.

Pots can be cleaned in a solution of one part bleach to nine parts of water. I use my laundry for this! I have a view to my snow covered yard from my workshop, so that’s inspiring! I have read that terra cotta pots can be baked at 200 degrees in the oven for an hour, but I have never tried this, and am nervous about whether it might emit fumes? Has anyone tried this?

Flower pots on Feb 11th.

My butterfly flower seed mixture has happily sprouted – I am not being too careful with these, as they will just go in the ground when they are ready – where there is a blank space! I have not broken them into separate planters!

The little lemons on my lemon plant are still getting bigger – today there are about 30 of them, the largest about 1 cm long on an 18 inch diameter plant. I’ve never grown one of these before and I’m not sure whether these will all mature, but it’s still pretty cool.

Lemon plant with baby lemons

The dwarf tangerine tree has much healthier looking darker leaves and is just beginning to flower. I will repeat my paintbrush pollinating of this tree when the flowers are a little bigger. It obviously worked for the lemon tree.

Flowers on dwarf tangerine tree

In the meantime I am again perusing flower catalogs. While I know it is easy enough just to buy a few big trays of seed geraniums and petunias from the garden centre in May, I am enjoying finding the unusual varieties that I won’t see when I am wheeling my shopping cart around the store.

Today, I’m just ordering a few Annual seeds from Vesey’s. My flower garden is primarily filled with perennials, but my pots are 50% annuals. I am ordering some bright colour as a starter…..

I always plant petunias for a pop of colour here and there, and I enjoy the trailing Wave varieties in my planters. I am ordering “Tickled Pink” – which is a climbing petunia with a dark pink blossom.

I never see Nicotiana in my local garden centres, so I am purchasing “Perfume Mix” – which are described as of 7 different colours, fragrant and 14-16″ high. I know that the scent of the “tobacco” plant is supposed to repel mosquitoes, particularly at night when the scent is stronger – so I will be starting these indoors to put in my flowerpots on my back patio – which is terribly mosquito-y at night! Nicotiana requires full sun to part shade – and this area becomes fully shaded in the summer, but is sunny in the spring before the tree leaves fill in – I can always move the pots to the sunny areas later!

Perfume Mix Nicotiana Thumbnail

For Geraniums (pelargoniums) last year I just used one shade of deep pink for all of my pots – I have to say, I was finally tired of this colour by the end of the summer. This year I am ordering the Inspire Series – which is new. It is described as a showy geranium with 4″ blooms and green and chocolate foliage. They are early to bloom and come in a mix of 4 colours (apple blossom, scarlet red, white and salmon). I’m hoping this mix of colours will break me of my pink fixation.

Inspire Mix Geranium Thumbnail

For my shady flower pots and baskets I have ordered Black Dragon Coleus with rumpled leaves in deep purple/maroon.

Black Dragon Coleus Thumbnail

I’m not sure why my impatiens and begonias from seed have never been successful, so I will leave them off my list. These four seed varieties should keep me busy. I have little enough window space available with the vegetables and perennials that I am ordering as well! Happy spring countdown!!

Cirtrus.com: Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

I’d love to hear if anyone is starting seeds indoors, what are you starting?


  1. Hi Lillie, thanks for stopping by my nature blog and following. I’ve read a few of your posts and can’t work out where in the world you live and what climatic zone? I assume somewhere in the U.S. since you mention Walmart.
    You might find it helpful to include your city/state somewhere on your ‘about’ paragraph. No need for exact details of course.
    From time to time I mention Melbourne, Australia to give my international readers some clues about where I live and you will constantly read my reference to my balcony garden on a west-facing balcony that receives hot sun in the afternoon (for example). I actually live in a western suburb of Melbourne for the past 3 years.
    Best Wishes for your indoor gardening aspirations.

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    • Thank you Vicki, that’s a very good point! I will try to figure out where to place that info – (I am in a Zone 5B in Ontario, Canada – a little west of Toronto). I have just changed the theme and I’m trying to spruce up the blog before spring. I was just reading your post about growing greens and roasting your green tomatoes, and I was thinking that’s my favorite thing about this platform – seeing someone growing things outside, while I’m still planning what to plant for the spring!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thank you, Lillie, I have an idea of your weather now as one of my friends lives in Ontario too. I was trying to work out why you use a grow light indoors and didn’t have a well-lit spot to grow your indoor plants. i only have 2 indoor plants as my apartment balcony garden is almost next to my desk (in front of floor-to-ceiling windows and has plenty of light).
    I lost about 1/3 of my plants in the red dust storm about 3-4 weeks ago and have pulled them out now. Since we’re nearly at the end of summer, I’ll wait until Spring next September to buy more seedlings. I don’t have the patience to grow from seed, but my younger brother does.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh no – well I certainly have never had to deal with a dust storm! We are in our second winter in our new old house and I really want to plant a lot more in the garden this spring, so I’m a bit stir crazy. The windows in our house that have the best sun direction face the street & the dog goes crazy if I open the blinds, so my window sills for the plants aren’t optimal, but they are working so far. We will see what grows!


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