June Blooms

It’s June again, and we are still in pandemic lockdown mode here in Southern Ontario. The good news is that the rules will begin lightening up this weekend (fingers crossed).

Garden centre with big lineup

Our garden centres are BUSY BUSY, as there is nothing else to do. Garden centres are considered an essential service here, where only food, alcohol and flowers are available for instore shopping. It makes perfect sense to me.

Crowded garden centre lineup
Garden centre lineup

My irises are just about finished for the season. I still haven’t been shopping for more, as I’m staying out of the garden centres, as much as possible.

Yellow Iris
Yellow Iris

The good news is that iris are so EASY and I seem to have more of my blue dwarf siberian iris, and I definitely have more than twice as many of the lovely yellow ones. I took two yellow iris rhizomes last year and divided them into four, I thought – but somehow I now have about 12. Perhaps I’m getting forgetful…..but I won’t complain about having too much of a good thing.

Yellow Iris are fading now
Row of fading yellow iris

Dwarf Siberian Iris
Dwarf Siberian iris

I don’t even remember planting this yellow Daylily, but I am happy to see it.

Yellow Daylily next to more Dwarf Siberian Iris
Yellow daylily and iris

My favourite peonies are next, and this year we will be home next week when they peak. Our annual fishing vacation was delayed this year for one week due to the pandemic shutdown.

Ontario’s leader, Premier Ford must have been thinking when he ordered the shutdown to continue that people really need to stay home and experience their peonies (perhaps not, but I’m trying to think positively).

Pink Peony in front of Foxgloves
Peony and foxglove

I can see that the sage and foxglove have self seeded fabulously, and should be joining in the colour soon.

Happy June everyone.

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