Colourful Phlox

I have always been in love with tall perennial phlox. In my previous country garden I had large masses of fuschia 3 ft phlox, which bloomed from the beginning of August til frost. As the garden was set back a few hundred feet from the road, it seemed that the bright pink peonies, which gave way to the bright pink hardy roses and gave way to the phlox – never stopped blooming – and from the road it seemed that there was one plant constantly in bloom – June to August. It just wasn’t so, because close to the house the phlox were just green foliage until August – but I didn’t mind because I knew what was coming.

I have transplanted a few of these plants – but they haven’t settled in for me yet – so no bloom this year – but maybe next year.

In the mean time, I purchased some variegated pink phlox – Bright Eyes. These have bloomed for me from mid July, and want to keep going

Phlox – Bright Eyes

I have also planted some fuschia phlox with slightly darker – purplish leaves that specified part shade – these have bloomed since June in a shady spot – and are reblooming in August. These may be phlox Flame – but I’m not sure!

Phlox amid trumpet vine

These phlox are a mystery to me as they have formed large flowers – but still haven’t bloomed in mid-late August. They are compact, and in full sun.

Phlox produce beautiful long lasting blooms, but they do tend to get powdered mildew. I water them regularly, but try not to soak the foliage, and when possible, I try to space them out.

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