It’s almost spring…(39 more days)

We have a lot of snow on the ground today, and spring seems a long time away. Indoor gardening doesn’t keep me busy enough…..

The Amaryllis that bloomed in early January is about to bloom again!

Amaryllic in the window

The Farmer’s Almanac tells me not to start my vegetable (tomatoes) seeds indoors until March at the earliest (sigh…), but I decided to start some indoor salad greens anyway.

The mesclun and arugula seeds have sprouted. I mixed my salad green seeds in a mason jar, and I will keep planting them in succession – every 2 weeks I will sprinkle in a few more! I may add spinach and leaf lettuce seeds to my jar as I go.

Arugula and mesclun seeds just sprouting indoors

I was concerned a few weeks ago that the lemon tree was losing leaves and petals. I had read that lemons may do this if they are under stress. I felt like a bad plant parent for a while, and a little guilty for fertilizing the lemon flowers with a paintbrush. Was it all too much for the lemon plant?

Lemon tree petals were falling off

Well, it is not evenly warm in my house, and the sun is not perfectly bright, but I have been misting and watering when dry, I have moved the plant around to avoid heat and drafts, and I fertilized with some organic fertilizer spikes.….. and I believe that I have some mini-lemons sprouting on my plant.

Are those baby lemons?
Lemons emerging

It’s neighbour the little tangerine plant that I purchased seems much the same as when it arrived here – but I think I see some tiny flowers appearing. This makes me want a grapefruit or kumquat.

Very tiny tangerine blossoms?

Sometimes a little bit of gardening success makes me a gardening maniac. Now I’m going back to my garden seed shopping list. It’s time to plan. I’m certainly not going to shovel the snow.

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