Prairie Moon Nursery Native Seeds

One of the things I’m enjoying most about garden blogging is following other gardeners who are experiencing different weather than I am experiencing (i.e. Winter!). For example, I am really enjoying the early spring flower pictures being posted from the UK!

That’s my view of my pink Veronica and a single Trumpet Vine yesterday

So it’s obvious then, why I’m excited about ordering seeds and starting seeds indoors – ANYTHING that will bring spring sooner!

The other day, I posted about perennial and annual geraniums. I ordered some annual Geranium (Pelargonium) seeds, along with some Tomato, Pepper, Petunia and Nicotiana seeds. I planted them in some small seeds starting trays as well as anything that I could find to recycle. Today, I have some new sprouts. I do wish I’d labelled them! Maybe I’ll remember to do that next year!

Assorted seeds sprouting
Something is sprouting – I think peppers but i can’t remember which ones

Today it rained heavily all day, and washed away lots of the snow, and then this package arrived from Prairie Moon Nursery in Minnesota. I just ordered from them last week and the order arrived by mail today along with a new catalog.

Package from Prairie Moon Nursery
Seed Packages from Prairies Moon

While not a classic flower gardener’s supplier, Prairie Moon specializes in Native North American seeds and plants. Being across the border in Canada, I knew that I wouldn’t be able to order live plants, but seeds seem to travel well. Prairie Moon has seeds for wildflowers and grasses for gardens and meadows. I had ordered some Wild Geranium (Maculatum) – which will be suitable for full sun to shade, and Carolina Cranesbill (Carolinianum) suitable for full sun. These are a native geranium, and so will be less showy than my previous bright pink Cranesbill, but they are a start. Both seed packets are labelled with a stratification code – these 2 plant varieties will be rinsed, placed on paper towels or coffee filters – left in a damp but not wet stage, bagged (and labelled this time) and refrigerated – for the appropriate number of days (60 and 90) or until sprouting occurs! Wish me luck!


  1. Do you like to order yours rather than purchase them? I’ve been having trouble getting my seeds to grow. I usually get the McKenzie seeds.


    • Hi Angie – I definitely like to go to a big garden centre and shop for them to read all the packages, but they didn’t have Cranesbill and Annual Geraniums, so I ordered, and then sometimes there’s a special variety of vegetable that I see a description of online – while in the stores they may just have a few standard varieties. I’m not sure about these new wildflowers as they need to be damp chilled in the fridge to get them started – but I like a project!

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      • I get so over-whelmed looking at little packets in the store. I love to go to a plant nursery. I’m going to try to have a wider variety of flowers this year! My entire flower bed is full of lilies lol! Yellow, orange, purple, red. All from my grandmothers flower bed after she passed. I can’t wait for all this snow to melt! Thanks Lillie 🙂

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      • That’s the thing, so a pile of catalogs lets you sort through them – but then that’s overwhelming too! It’s wonderful to have your grandmother’s flowers!

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