Mr. Beer Tasting Night (Part 3 of 3 – Finally)

Everyday Lillie

I initially put this post together on Feb. 14th -as we sampled the beer after the exactly prescribed 3 weeks from bottling. (We couldn’t wait).

One of my Christmas presents this year was a Beer Making kit from Mr. Beer. I posted about the initial brewing stage, and the bottling stage. The bottles stayed for exactly 3 weeks in a dark space – not too hot, not too cold, for the carbonation phase, and I moved them into the refrigerator last night.

I am sampling the first glass tonight. My Canadian Blonde beer (is it a coincidence that I coloured my hair again today?) is cold and crisp and flavourful. My first glass is carbonated, but not overly so. What should it be paired with? I’m no beer sommelier, but perhaps BBQ chips? Poutine?Apparently the new term for beer sommelier is Cicerone. Merriam-Webster tells me:

“The new…

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