Free Day in the Garden

Today was free day in my garden. I spotted some perennials set out by the road by a neighbour with a sign that said – “free perennials – hydrangeas, hosta and purple coneflowers”. At first I just took one plant, thinking my neighbours would also like to snap them up, but as the day wore on, I went back and grabbed a few of each. Thank you neighbour!

Free Hydrangeas

My store bought hydrangeas are just not as hardy as the kind that grow locally around here. I am always planting hostas, and I can never have enough coneflowers.

Free Hostas
The little red stems are were labelled as purple coneflowers – but we will see what blooms next year

Then my husband kindly went to our local landfill, which provides free dig your own compost – and brought me back a lovely bucket of dark compost.

Free Compost

Finally, someone had left behind an edger in the landfill, and now I have a new one!

The Free Edger has joined my other tools

I’m easily pleased, but today was the trifecta of free gardening.

I am contributing to the overall karma now by dividing my own perennials and leaving them out with a sign. Happy October.

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