Garden Tough Love

Tall Rudbeckia at the front hiding the hydrangea, hosta, and peony

When I planted this little section of my garden 2 years ago I was simply trying to hide the bottom of the deck. This spot is shady, and not visible from the street at all, so it wasn’t a priority. The plants that I purchased were the only ones that were available at the end of the planting season. Only one of my hydrangea survived, but it was far shorter than the rucbeckia, and the tiny hosta were hidden and the peony just never bloomed…….

The rudbeckia was just so darned pretty and successful. that it was hard to take control again, but it had to be done.

So I dug every plant up

So I took my shovel and dug up every plant. It was a nice warm October day.

The hidden hydrangea revealed
The pile of perennials

I created a row of daylilies along the back, and divided up the rudbeckia and placed them in the next row. I placed the hydrangea front and centre and placed a piece of the peony (which I didn’t mean to break) on either side. Then I placed the little hostas along the front, and threw in a yellow iris and piece of pink coneflower. I’m sure I’ll throw some more things in in the spring…… more is always good for me….

It’s not pretty now – but next year

It looks quite dull now, but next year, I hope it all blooms. There is a long winter coming, and we are getting ready.

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