Groundhog Day Gardening

(Reposting from last year – still dreaming about gardening!)

It’s Groundhog Day today. I think that the point of Groundhog Day is that it’s darn cold and bleak in winter, and we are looking forward to spring – desperately hoping the Groundhog will tell us it’s coming soon.

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on

In Nova Scotia Shubenacadie Sam saw his shadow – this is bad news. But Quebec’s Fred la Marmotte, and Ontario’s Wiarton Willie saw no shadow – better news! If the groundhog sees his shadow on Feb 2 we will have six more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t see his shadow we will have an early spring. The mixed results are concerning BUT Henny Penny, the Powasson Ontario Chicken has settled the whole thing – she did not see her shadow today, and therefore there will be an early spring. Save 10% on Citrus trees with code CITRUS

In the meantime, we have some heavy packing snow today, and so I am again dreaming about spring plantings.

Pink tulips in the window on a snowy day with snowy covered flowerbox outside the window

Even though it’s too soon to start my vegetable seeds indoor, I’m going to plant some assorted pink perennial seeds in my indoor planter – Just because I can’t wait for spring.

Purple Coneflower and assorted seed packets

I am also fertilizing my lemon tree and my newly acquired tangerine tree with some fertilizer spikes from Jobes. 6 organic ferilizer spikes come in a package – and there is a chart for the appropriate number of spikes per pot or plant size – mine are 12-18 inch plants in diameter so far!

My new Tangerine tree

Jobe's Organic Tree Fertilizer Spikes Evergreen Shrubs Biozome Directions

I keep moving the lemon tree around to maximize the light, as it is not too bright this time of year here, and the windows are a little drafty. The lemon tree is forging ahead – I don’t know if it will really bear fruit inside, but it’s fun to try. The tangerine is not in flower, but the green leaves look healthy.

Lemon flowers

Now, if like me you are feeling discouraged about whether spring will be coming soon, this is the picture of the Hydrangeas at the garden centre a few weeks ago:

and here are the hydrangeas on February 1 at the same garden centre:

Hydrangeas at the Garden Centre

In the meantime I thank Henny Penny for seeing her shadow.

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