The Crumby Truth About Valentine’s Day Baking

Happy Valentine’s Day – Re-posting from last year!

Happy Valentine’s Day to all. It doesn’t matter whether we are married or single, we can all enjoy some Valentine’s Day treats. The other day I posted a recipe for Vegan Valentine’s Day Cookies. These are just an altered Sugar Cookie Recipe made without eggs and with Vegan Margarine instead of butter. For the glaze, I used a lemon juice and icing sugar mixture. This makes a very mildly flavoured cookie, with a hint of lemon. I mailed these to my daughter’s office with some other Vegan treats, and she was surprised – although she said there were some broken-hearted cookies. The courier was not kind to my package.

Vegan Valentine’s Day Cookies

I baked a few more cookies for my 3 non-vegan boys. I used my Christmas sugar cookie recipe for that. I would comment though that these cookies spread out on the cookie sheet – and one batch – joined together.

The Valentine’s Day Sugar Cookies – spread out a little too much – and were not perfectly shaped. These are the remnants!

So for this recipe, I would recommend spacing the cookies out well on the cookie sheet, and making them a little thinner – if you can manage. It’s a little tricky with a larger heart shaped cookie cutter working with the dough without tearing up the cookie. I find that working on parchment paper makes the job a little bit easier and pulling the excess dough away from the outside of the cutter tends to help.

Keep the cookies well separated on the cookie sheet

The courier package to my western son apparently can’t be delivered to his building. Sometimes it’s better not to get those courier email delivery notices.

I have baked a cake for my husband, and another one to deliver to our youngest son’s frat house. I’m not sure I want to drop in on a Valentine’s Day that falls on a Friday before University reading week, as there may be a party going on! I just used a basic chocolate cake recipe for these and iced the middle of the cakes with raspberry jam.

Traditional cake mix cake with raspberry jam in the centre

Today is the day to pick up a heart shaped cake mold from the dollar store, as they will be putting them away ASAP.

Dollar store silicone heart shaped cake pan

With Valentine’s Day it’s really for me about small treats and it’s the thought that counts.

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