Spring Has Sprung and so have my seeds.

The sun is out today, and although it’s quite cold here today, I feel encouraged and hopeful for good things to come. Last year as this pandemic began, I planted loads of seeds indoors to keep me busy while waiting for spring. This year, it’s hard to believe, but we are once again starting lockdown. I have again started seeds.

oui home decor

This year, I have re-used my seed starting trays. They have been cleaned thoroughly with a bleach solution to prevent mold from appearing. The trays are cracked and worse for wear – so I have liberally applied clear packing tape! I’m not sure if the trays will survive to next spring, but they will do for now.

Tomato seeds in seed starting trays
Tomato seeds in seed starting trays

I am planting what was most successful last year! Tomatoes!! I had planned to order just the right heirloom seeds, but suddenly it was March 15th and time to plant. So I planted the tomato seeds that I received for Christmas and a few that I grabbed at the grocery store. I don’t know about everywhere else in the world, but our large local garden stores are CRAZY lined up. I will not be visiting there anytime soon.

tomato seed packs
Tomato seed packs

My tomato seeds have sprouted, and the book about growing tomatoes that I received for my birthday relieved my guilt about planting seeds too densely – it will all work out. If I had more seeds, I would plant even more!

Epic Tomatoes
Epic Tomatoes

In the meantime, I am enjoying watching my tomatoes sprout and reach for the sun, while my little citrus trees bloom repeatedly.

tomato sprouts
Tomato sprouts

Happy spring.

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