12 Cookies of Christmas

Well it’s a wrap! A Christmas wrap that is. Over the past two weeks I have attempted to improve my cookie baking technique and also to share what I’ve learned. I’ll also be sharing my cookies. Sorry I can’t do that over the internet!

I made twelve types of cookies and tried to do a few Christmas favorites as well as some family recipes, so I’m just going to post a map to the 12 Cookie Recipes. I also did a bit of research about cookie baking and posted it here: https://gardenlove.food.blog/2019/11/23/how-to-bake-the-best-cookies/

So below are the links to the 12 recipes. Happy Baking!

My father in law’s traditional shortbread cookies
1. On the first day of Christmas - I made my father-in-law's Traditional Shortbread Cookies.


Vegan shortbread cookies
 2. On the second day of Christmas I made a Vegan version of Shortbread Cookies.


Cocoa sugar cookies
3. On the third day of Christmas - I made Cocoa Sugar Cookies.


The Best Cinnamon Cookies
 4. On the fourth day of Christmas, I made The Best Cinnamon cookies  https://gardenlove.food.blog/2019/11/30/the-best-cinnamon-cookies/
Butter Pecan Cookies
Butter Pecan Cookies

5. On the fifth day of Christmas I made Butter Pecan Cookies


Butterscotch Peanut Haystacks
Butterscotch Peanut Haystacks

6. On the sixth day of Christmas, I made Butterscotch Peanut Haystacks


Coconut Birdsnests
Coconut Birdsnests
7. On the seventh day of Christmas, I made Coconut Birdsnests


Grandma’s Sugar Cookies
8. On the 8th day of Christmas, I made Grandma's Sugar Cookies


Martha's Gingerbread Cookies
Martha’s Gingerbread Cookies
9. On the ninth day of Christmas, I made Martha's Gingerbread Cookies


Football Cookies
Football Cookies
10. On the tenth day of Christmas, I made Football Cookies


Walnut Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
Walnut Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies
11. On the eleventh day of Christmas, I made Walnut Raspberry Thumbprint Cookies


Chocolate Chip Meringue Teardrops
Chocolate Chip Meringue Teardrops
12. On the twelfth day of Christmas, I made Chocolate Chip Meringue Teardrops 


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